About Pieta

About Pieta 

Pieta was founded in Dublin in 2006 and was established to provide free, accessible support to people affected by suicide and self-harm. Pieta now has over 20 centres nationwide with over 300 staff and offers a variety of supports to people impacted by suicide and self-harm, completely FREE of charge.

24-hour Crisis Helpline - Pieta’s Crisis Helpline is a vital frontline support for anyone in suicidal distress. It is manned by fully qualified therapists, and it is open 24 hours a day seven days a week. Every year, the Pieta Crisis Helpline receives nearly 100,000 calls and texts. That is almost 300 calls and texts per day.

Suicide Bereavement Liaison Service - This unique Pieta service offers practical and emotional support to families in the immediate aftermath of a loss to suicide.

One-to-One Professional Counselling - Every year, Pieta therapists provide personalised, one-to-one therapy to around 7,000 people both in person and via phone and video.

Resilience Academy & Amber Flag - Pieta is working to end suicide by raising awareness and help people build resilience. Our Resilience Academy works with children in secondary schools and Our Amber Flag programme promotes mental health awareness in schools, colleges, community groups and clubs across the country. 

Specialised Counselling for Self-Harm - Pieta therapists specialise in working with those who are engaging in self harm and in providing support and counselling to the families of those who are self-harming.

Awareness Campaigns - Every year, Pieta launches a number of major nationwide awareness campaigns such as Signs of Suicide.

Bereavement Counselling - Pieta is the largest suicide bereavement support service in Ireland. Every year Pieta offers vital long-term support to over 600 families whose lives have been torn apart by suicide. This counselling is also available in person or via phone and video.

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