About Pieta

Pieta was founded in Dublin in 2006. Pieta was established to provide free, accessible one-to-one counselling to people suffering from suicidal ideation, engaging in self-harm or to those bereaved by suicide. With over 200 qualified therapists across 20 physical centres, we do everything we can to ensure that help is available to those in crisis. 

In 2021, despite the impact of Covid 19, we are proud to have delivered over 48,000 hours of therapy to those impacted by suicide and self-harm. We also answered over 80,000 crisis calls and texts and supported over 600 households impacted and bereaved by suicide. 

We are passionate about our life-saving work.  And all services are provided free of charge.  

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24/7 Crisis Helpline (Ireland only): Call 1800 247 247 or text HELP 51444

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