Pieta House is committed to fostering positive environmental, social, and economic impacts for current and future generations. In 2019 we have taken the first steps to make Darkness Into Light a sustainable event, with environmentally-friendly packaging and recycled paper being used for our t-shirt dispatch. In previous years we have produced a number of badges and other plastic items for Darkness Into Light, but in 2019 we are choosing not to reproduce these items, where possible. From 2020 we will be moving to replace any remaining plastic paraphernalia with reusable or recyclable items.

In an effort to further reduce waste, this year participants will have the option not to receive a new t-shirt, with the addition of a ‘Don’t need one / already have one’ field.

For more information or suggestions about sustainability you can contact our sustainability champion, Sinead Ronan Wells at +353 (0)1 458 5490 or by email at