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What date is the Darkness Into Light 2024 event?

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Darkness Into Light 2024, proudly supported by Electric Ireland, will take place at 4:15 am on the morning of Saturday May 11th. 

What if I can’t make 4:15am on Saturday May 11th – can I still take part? 

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Yes you can! While we know the majority of people will want to rise on the morning of Saturday 11th May, you can still wear your yellow t-shirt and do a DIL Fundraiser at any time. Sign up whichever way suits you!  All the funds you raise will support those impacted by suicide and self-harm. 

Where are the venues for Darkness Into Light this year?

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We are excited that we can gather together again for our Darkness Into Light events in Ireland and across the world. You can sign up to one of our Official Darkness Into Light venues  HERE. 

How much are tickets this year? 

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Ticket prices are shown in local currency, depending on where you are taking part. Our Reduced rate tickets are in place until April 2nd!

Ticket Type Early Bird Ticket Price Standard Price 
Adult 18+   €21 €26
Concession   €16 €21
Child €5 €5
€0 €0

(2 adults+
5 children)

€52 €62 


What time is sunrise on the morning of Saturday 11th May 2024?

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The sunrise will be at a different time depending on where you are in Ireland, or across the world. You can check the time of sunrise by simply asking the question in your search engine of choice; 'what time is sunrise in (insert your location) on Saturday May 11th 2024? or you can check this global link also https://www.sunrise-and-sunset.com/en 

Can I run the route?

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Darkness into Light is designed as a community walk. 

However, some people choose to run the route on the morning. Our suggestion is that you get there early and inform the committee or steward so they can take you to the front of the starting line so that you are ahead of the walkers. There are no timing chips if you decide to run the route.

Can I bring my dog?

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Yes, we encourage family dogs to attend as long as they are on a lead and are fully trained.  However, please note the DIL Fairyhouse location does not allow dogs on their walk location – please do not bring your dog to this venue as they will not be allowed on the walk.

We have some limited edition Darkness Into Light dogleads available on our shop website if you would like to purchase these ahead of the walk. 

Please ensure that you pick up all of your dog foul on the route & be mindful of people who are nervous around dogs. All dogs
must be on a lead for the duration of the walk.

I'd like to volunteer, who do I contact?

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Thank you so much for your support.

We would love to hear from you, please contact volunteers@pieta.ie 

Am I insured if I do my own walk?

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All Official Darkness Into Light walks, as listed on our website, are covered by our insurance, however we cannot insure unofficial walks, activities or locations that have not been approved by Pieta.

If you are organising your own DIL Fundraiser, please ensure that all necessary precautions are taken and that you have your own insurance in place.

Please ensure there is adequate lighting, that walkways or paths are safe and secure, that you do not engage in high risk activities, that you have the proper equipment for the activity you are taking on, and that you check weather conditions before your activity.

I want to register to host an offical Darkness into Light Walk/Venue, how do I do this?

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Thank you for your interest in hosting an official Darkness Into Light venue.

Unfortunately we cannot accept any further new venue requests for the 2024 event, however, should you wish to register your interest for 2025, then please complete the attached New Venue Request form, and the team will be in touch with you in the Autumn of 2024. (please note only requests recieved via this form will be considered). THIS FORM CLOSES end of July 2024.

You can still take part in Darkness Into Light 2024 by attending a walk in your area or by creating your own DIL Fundraiser.


How can I sign up?

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    There are 2 options:

    1. Sign up HERE to join an Official Walk across Ireland and the rest of the world.

    2. Create your own DIL Fundraiser HERE

    My official venue is not listed - what should I do?

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    In some areas it is not feasible to hold an official walk this year.

    If you cannot find a suitable walk nearby, you can choose the option Take Part Your Own Way and walk at a time and location that suits you.

    Alternatively, you can register your own DIL Fundraiser HERE.

    My country is not listed - how can I take part?

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    If your country is not listed, unfortunately you will not be able to register for an official walk in that country.

    However you will be able to register your own DIL Fundraiser from any country.

    I am having an issue with my registration payment going through and I am being asked to approve the payment. Why is this happening and how do I approve it?

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    This is a bank security requirement that Pieta have no control over but is in place for your security to approve all online payments.  In order to approve this online payment you need to download your relevant banking app to your device you are using (mobile, laptop, tablet, etc), input your contact details and once you are set up for online payment approvals you can easily click into your app approve the payment there and it will be confirmed on the Darkness Into Light or Pieta website. Alternatively you can call us on +353 (1) 541 4746 and we can take payment details over the phone to complete your registration.

    I’m having difficulty registering, what do I do?

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    Firstly, check that you have a valid internet connection. If you are still experiencing problems our team are ready to help. You can contact them by email or phone info@darknessintolight.ie or +353 (1) 541 4746

    How do I reset my password?

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    You can reset your password by contacting info@darknessintolight.ie

    My school wants to get involved, who should I contact?

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    Please visit our Schools Page for ideas and suggestions and contactSchools@darknessintolight.ie for more information.

    My company wants to get involved, who should I contact?

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    Please visit our Corporates page or contact our dedicated team at corporates@darknessintolight.ie

    My club wants to get involved, who should I contact?

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    Please visit our Clubs Page for ideas and suggestions and contactclubs@darknessintolight.ie for more information. 

    How do I register a team?

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    Teams are available to all groups who regsiter for an Official Walk.

    Once you have registered you can create a team on your dashboard and invite people to join you.

    Can you have teams within a DIL Fundraiser?

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    No, teams are only available if your group has registered to take part in an Official Walk.

    How do I register a group?

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    If you are registering a company / school / university or college / club group you can register by selecting the appropriate option during the registration process.

    If you are registering a small group of family and friends, you can register on the website by selecting “individuals, family & friends”

    My company / school / club has created a team, how do I join their team?

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    Once a team has been created, invitations can be sent to individuals and you can join as part of your registration.

    Alternatively, you can search for your school / company / club at the top of the website and ask to join their team and register for the event.

    I’d like to register my friends / family, how do I do this?

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    You can register small groups such as friends and family by selecting an official walk.

    Then select the number of tickets
    you’d like to purchase and enter their details (if you wish, this step can skipped) 

    If you enter their details, they will then receive an email
    advising them that you have purchased a ticket on their behalf and they will be invited to create a fundraising page.

    I cannot make the event, can I get a refund?

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    Unfortunately refunds will only be available if the entire event is cancelled. 


    Where does my registration fee and fundraising go?

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    If you are based in the Republic of Ireland, all of your registration fee, donations & fundraising goes towards providing the services that Pieta offers, free of charge to those who need them most.

    For our Northern Ireland & International events, 50% of registration income and 100% of fundraised income stays locally with the chosen charity partner and Pieta receives 50% of the registration fee.

    Fundraising on Facebook - Changes April 2024

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    Meta have announced that their fundraising tools will no longer be available to charities in the European Economic Area (EEA) from 1st July 2024.

    If you’re a donor who has donated to a Facebook fundraiser previously, the last day you can make a donation on Facebook or Instagram to benefit a charity in the EEA is 30th June 2024

    If you have never donated to a Facebook Fundraiser before, you will not be able to do so as of 25th April 2024.

    If you have already created a Facebook Fundraiser, it will remain open for donations for DIL 2024, however only those who have previously donated to a Facebook fundraiser will be able to do so after 25th April 2024.

    My friend donated on Facebook but their name didn’t come through on my Darkness Into Light fundraising page?

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    If you receive a donation through Facebook, personal information cannot be shared between Facebook and Darkness Into Light. Therefore the donation will have a description of 'Facebook' as the donor.

    Their name will appear on your Facebook page though, assuming they don't choose to remain anonymous.

    Can I donate to Darkness Into Light without fundraising?

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    Of course! You can donate here, or if you know someone who is taking part you can donate to their page and help them on their way to their fundraising target. You can search for a friend at the very top of the homepage.

    Do I need to fundraise for DIL?

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    While we would love it if you could fundraise for Pieta, we understand not everyone is in a position to do so. Once you register you will automatically get a fundraising page but it is up to you if you wish to share this with friends and family.

    I want to make a donation by bank transfer, is that possible and what are the details?

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    Yes, it is possible to make a donation via bank transfer! Our bank details are;

    Allied Irish Banks plc,

    Account No: 28073213

    Sort Code: 93 35 62


    IBAN: IE02 AIBK 9335 6228 0732 13

    Please reference your donation; DIL2024 and your name/company/school/club details if possible & thank you for your support!


    What should I wear?

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    We suggest you wrap up warm and bring wet gear and a bottle of water with you for the walk. Please wear comfortable footwear and check the weather forecast the night before so you are fully prepared.

    I opted out of getting a t-shirt, where is my discount code for the shop?

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    If you are based in Ireland, Northern Ireland or the UK and opted out of getting a t-shirt, your shop discount code will appear on your dashboard.

    I ordered the wrong size T-Shirt – Can I change this?

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    Unfortunately, we are unable to offer exchanges on t-shirts if they are not the right size. We hope you understand.

    We advise you to order a size up if in doubt. You can refer to our sizing guide HERE.

    How do I get my t-shirt?

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    For participants in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK you can choose to select a t-shirt during the registration process and this will be posted to you.

    If you register after Wednesday 1st May 2024 you may not receive your t-shirt until after the event.

    For International venues, please contact your local Darkness 
    Into Light committee as they may organise printing of the DIL t-shirts locally.

    Do I need a t-shirt to take part in Darkness Into Light this year?

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    We know that the yellow Darkness Into Light t-shirt is very important to a lot of people, with many wearing it as a badge of honour.

    We are encouraging everyone to re-use their DIL t-shirts from previous years where possible. This keeps our running costs down and it is kinder to our planet.

    What is the last day to order a t-shirt or shop item to guarantee delivery?

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    The last day for ordering items in order to guarantee delivery is - 

    • ROI - Friday 3rd May 2024
    • NI & UK - Wesnesday 1st May 2024

    What are the postage prices for t-shirts?

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    Postage for Ireland & Northern Ireland:

    1-3 x T-shirts  € 2.50
    4-6 x T-shirts € 5.00
    7+ x T-Shirts  € 7.50

    Postage for UK:

    1 x T-shirt  € 3.51
    2 x T-shirts € 5.01
    3-4 x T-Shirts  € 6.65
    5 x T-Sshirts € 9.98
    6+ x T-Shirts € 14.00

    Please note, the registration process is in English. If you need support completing registration please reach out to your closest participating venue via the Facebook Group.

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