What date is the Darkness Into Light 2023 event?

Darkness Into Light 2023, proudly supported by Electric Ireland, will take place at sunrise on the morning of Saturday May 6th. 

How can I sign up?

    There are 2 ways to sign up to Darkness Into Light: 

    1. Sign up to one of our in-person walks across Ireland and the world. 
    2. Take part in the Darkness Into Light Challenge – when you select this option, we’re waiving the sign-up fee for anyone who pledges to fundraise €200. Get creative with your activity, and remember that no matter how you choose to take part this year, you’ll be giving the gift of hope to those in your community in suicidal crisis, or self-harming.

    Go to the homepage, select your country and you can then register for either of the two options! 

    What if I can’t make sunrise on Saturday May 6th – can I still take part? 

    Yes you can! While we know the majority of people will want to rise on the morning of Saturday 6th May, you can still wear your yellow t-shirt and do your own walk or challenge at any time that suits you. All the funds you raise will support those impacted by suicide and self-harm. 

    What is the DIL Challenge?

    Over the years we have had many people do something a little bit different for Darkness Into Light. So you can test your fitness levels and take part in a  or even run a marathon if you’d like, all while raising vital funds for Pieta. We’ve hooked up FitBit and MapMyFitness to our site so you can keep track of your activity and what’s great is, you can set your own target! Instead of paying a registration fee, you pledge to fundraise instead. And don’t worry, you’ll still get a t-shirt. 

    How do I keep track of my fitness?

    On your dashboard, you can select “My Fitness Activity” and choose to connect to either FitBit or MapMyFitness. You can also manually add any activity you do on this page and watch yourself get closer and closer to your target. Don’t forget to start and stop your fitness activity on your app!

    Where are the venues for Darkness Into Light this year?

    We are excited that we can gather together again for our Darkness Into Light events in Ireland and across the world. You can sign up to one of our Darkness Into Light Venues HERE. 

    How much are tickets this year? 

    Ticket prices are shown in local currency, depending on where you are taking part. Our Early Bird tickets are in place until March 31st!  

    Ticket Type 

    Early Bird Price 

    Standard Price 

    Adult 18+   












    Family (max 2 adults + 5 children) 





    Ticket Type Early Bird Price Standard Price 
    Adult 18+   €21 €26
    Concession   €16 €21
    Child €5 €5
    Baby/Toddler €0 €0
    Family (max 2 adults + 5 children) €52 €62 


    Where does my registration and fundraising go?

    All funds raised through donations and fundraising will go back into funding the services that Pieta provides, free of charge to those who need them most. For our International events, 50% of registration income and 100% of fundraised income stays locally with their chosen partner charity.

    Do I need a t-shirt to take part in Darkness Into Light this year?

    We know that the yellow Darkness Into Light t-shirt is very important to a lot of people, with many wearing it as a badge of honour. T-shirts are available this year as part of the registration for countries within Europe, but if you have an old Darkness Into Light t-shirt we would love if you could reuse it. This keeps our running costs down and is kinder to our planet.

    How do I get my t-shirt?

    You can choose to select a t-shirt during the registration process for all participants taking part within Europe. For International venues outside of Europe, please contact your local Darkness Into Light committee who may be arranging pick up points in the lead up to the event. 

    How do I fundraise on Facebook?

    You can automatically create a Facebook fundraising page from your dashboard. Just click the “Create a Facebook Fundraiser” underneath your name on your fundraising page and it will do all the work for you. It will also update your Darkness Into Light page to show all your Facebook donations in one spot. 

    My friend donated on Facebook but their name didn’t come through on my Darkness Into Light fundraising page?

    If you receive a donation through Facebook, personal information cannot be shared between Facebook and Darkness Into Light. Therefore the donation will have a description of “Facebook” as the donor. Their name will appear on your Facebook page though, assuming they don’t choose to remain anonymous. 

    How do I create a team?

    Once you’ve signed up, on your dashboard you can choose to create or join a team. Why not create a team and set a challenge for you and your friends or family? It’s a great way of staying connected while getting some exercise in!

    I ordered the wrong size T-Shirt – Can I change this?

    Unfortunately, the posting and distribution of t-shirts is very challenging and time consuming. We want to do our best to get t-shirts out to as many people that sign up as possible, as we know how important they are for the event however, we are unable to offer exchanges on t-shirts if they are not the right size. We hope you understand.

    Can I donate to Darkness Into Light without fundraising?

    Of course! You can donate on our homepage, or if you know someone who is taking part you can donate to their page and help them on their way to their fundraising target. You can search for a friend at the very top of the homepage.

    My company wants to get involved, who should I contact?

    We have added a new “organisation” feature which will allow companies create teams within their organisation and invite employees to take part. You can find the Organisation option on both the Sunrise and the Challenge event. If you need further help with this, please contact corporates@darknessintolight.ie

    What time is sunrise on the morning of Saturday 6th May 2023?

    The sunrise will be at a different time depending on where you are in Ireland, or across the world. You can check the time of sunrise by simply asking the question in your search engine of choice; 'what time is sunrise in (insert your location) on Saturday May 6th 2023? or you can check this global link also https://www.sunrise-and-sunset.com/en 

    I did my own walk last year, can I do this again?

    Of course! Our website is designed to allow you to choose how you take part. Either at an official walk or in your own way.

    My official venue is not listed – What do I do?

    In some areas it is not feasible to hold an official walk this year. If your usual official walk is not listed on the website you can still register to take part in your own way or by registering for the Challenge. You can also join the next closest walk in your area.

    Am I insured if I do my own walk?

    If you register on the website, you are covered by our insurance for official walks.

    I’d like to host an official walk to feature on your website – what do I need to do?

    Unfortunately, we are unable to support new official walks for 2023. However if you would like to register your interest for 2024 please click this link. You can still take part in your own walk for this year by registering on our website

    I’d like to register my friends/family, how do I do this?

    You can register small groups such as friends and family by choosing the selecting an official walk. You can select the number of tickets you’d like to purchase and enter the details of any additional people you’d like to register. They will then receive an email advising you have purchased a ticket for them and they will be invited to create a fundraising page. 

    My school wants to get involved, who should I contact?

    We have added a new “group registration” feature which will allow schools to register their students using a Promo Code.  If you need further help with this, please contact Schools@darknessintolight.ie 

    My Club wants to get involved, who should I contact?

    We have added a new “group registration” feature which will allow s clubs to register their members using a Promo Code.  If you need further help with this, please contact clubs@darknessintolight.ie

    My company/school/club has created a team, how do I join?

    You can search for your school/company/club at the top of the page and ask to join their team and register for the event.

    Can I run the route?

    Some people choose to run the route on the morning. If you are taking part in an official venue we suggest you get there early and inform the committee or steward so they can take you to the start of the starting line. There will be no time chips if you decide to run the route

    Can I bring my dog?

    Yes, we encourage family pets to attend as long as they are on a lead and are fully trained. We have some limited edition Darkness Into Light dogleads available on our shop website if you would like to purchase these ahead of the walk 

    I opted out of getting a t-shirt, where is my discount code for the shop?

    If you are based within Europe and opted out of getting a t-shirt, your shop discount code will appear on your dashboard

    How do I register a group?

    If you are registering a large group (company, school, club) you can register by selecting the “Large Group” registration option on the website.

    If you are registering a small group of family and friends, you can register on the website by selecting “individuals, family & friends”

    How do I register a team?

    Once you have registered you can create a team on your dashboard and invite people to join you.

    How do I reset my password?

    You can reset your password by contacting info@darknessintolight.ie

    I’m having difficulty registering, what do I do?

    Firstly, check that you have a valid internet connection. If you are still experiencing problems our team are ready to help. You can contact them by email or phone info@darknessintolight.ie or +353 (1) 541 4746

    My country is not listed, how can I take part?

    If your country is not listed, unfortunately you will not be able to register in your own country. However if you are interested in hosting an event in your country, please click on this link to register your interest in becoming a valued committee member

    I’d like to volunteer, who do I contact?

    Thank you so much for your support. We would love to hear from you, please contact info@darknessintolight.ie

    I cannot make the event/I need to cancel. Can I get a refund?

    Unfortunately refunds will only be available if the entire event is cancelled. Given participants have the option to take part in their own way, we will not be offering refunds if physical walks are cancelled

    Do I have to fundraise?

    While we would love if you could fundraise, we understand not everyone is in a position to do so. Once you register you will automatically get a fundraising page but it is up to you if you wish to share this with friends and family

    What should I wear?

    We suggest you wrap up warm and bring wet gear and a bottle of water with you for the walk. Please wear comfortable footwear and check the weather forecast the night before so you are fully prepared.

    I am having an issue with my registration payment going through and I am being asked to approve the payment. Why is this happening and how do I approve it?

    This is a bank security requirement that Pieta have no control over but is in place for your security to approve all online payments.  In order to approve this online payment you need to download your relevant banking app to your device you are using (mobile, laptop, tablet, etc), input your contact details and once you are set up for online payment approvals you can easily click into your app approve the payment there and it will be confirmed on the Darkness Into Light or Pieta website. Alternatively you can call us on +353 (1) 541 4746 and we can take payment details over the phone to complete your registration.

    Is there a Spotify playlist I can listen to while walking or taking part in the event?

    Yes, we've complied an official Darkness Into Light Spotify playlist here https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6vAvrq42pkQolY8kdhnknr?si=b5d15349a6e64a50 

    I have a question about the Darkness Into Light app, where do I go?

    For questions about the Darkness Into Light app, you can go to the FAQs section for our app here: https://www.darknessintolight.ie/faqsapp

     I want to register to host an official Darkness Into Light walk/venue, how to I do this?

    Thank you for your interest in hosting an official Darkness Into Light venue. Unfortunately we cannot accept any further new venue requests for the 2023 event, however, should you wish to register your interest for 2024, then please complete the attached New Venue Request form, and the team will be in touch with you in the autumn of 2023.

    Need help?