Darkness Into Light 2022 – The Details

Darkness Into Light 2022 – The Details

Darkness Into Light 2022, proudly supported by Electric Ireland, will take place at sunrise on the morning of Saturday May 7th.

This year, we are delighted that our in-person events can resume safely across Ireland and the world in most of our Darkness Into Light venues. You can check out the venues where organised events will be taking place by clicking ''register'' on the homepage. We also know that many people enjoyed taking part in Darkness Into Light in their own way last year when we could not join together in the usual way. So, this year, we know that Darkness Into Light will take on many forms and people will come together in different and creative ways to share a sunrise moment and stand in solidarity with people impacted by suicide and self-harm.

You can get involved in Darkness Into Light in 3 ways:

1. Sign up to one of our in-person walks across Ireland and the world. 
2. Taking part your own way and sharing your sunrise moment with family, friends or colleagues.  
3. Take part in the Darkness Into Light Challenge – when you select this option, we’re waiving the sign-up fee for anyone who pledges to fundraise €200. Get creative with your activity, and remember that no matter how you choose to take part this year, you’ll be giving the gift of hope to those in your community in suicidal crisis, or self-harming.


The safety of our supporters is our highest priority. So, we ask all participants to ensure that they strictly adhere to COVID19 government guidelines in your locality at all times while taking part in Darkness Into Light.

Also, everyone who is walking, running or cycling for the event should ensure their route is properly lit at the time they plan to take part, and ensure there are no hazards.

Whatever your planned activity for Darkness Into Light this year, please make sure that all equipment is in good condition, that weather conditions are suitable for the activity you are undertaking, and do not take part in any high-risk activities alone or without the proper support and training. All participants in Darkness Into Light 2022 take part at their own risk and should be appropriately insured.

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